A message from the Director


The Dubai School of Preaching


I am a champion for Christ preaching the gospel for over 24 years. I was born in Andhra Pradesh, South India. My parents are Christians and as well as my forefathers are also Christians. So, basically I was born and raised in a strong Christian Family background.


The UAE "Expatriate" workforce is mostly made up of Young Men from many different countries in the world. This group is very receptive to the Word of God. Most are blue collar workers that spend 3-5 years and some or more years in the UAE and then return to their home country. This creates the perfect environment to reach and train this temporary work force prior to them returning to their home countries. Furthermore, The Dubai School of Preaching graduates can carry the Word of God to places that are challenging to reach. Being in the workforce opened my eyes to the opportunity of sharing God's word. With an excellent background graduating from two Preaching Schools in Andhra Pradesh, S. India and then seven years teaching in one of those schools. This brought my considerable abilities to the Middle East.


With the great help of our Brethren we are able to trained 110 students and were already preaching the gospel in 12 countries in Middle East Asia. In the past 14 years through the Dubai School of Preaching & Missions (DSP) there has been an encouragingly strong receptivity to the gospel from the brethren in these 12 countries. Till today 2,197 have come to Christ and remained faithful. Many have returned to their homelands or moved to other countries and some young men decided and moved in other parts in the Middle East and helped spread the word.


The Dubai School of Preaching & Missions is dedicated to the development of Christians as teachers and ministers of the Gospel. Whilst it officially commenced in 2005, training of men started from 2000. To date, including these earlier students, 110 men have completed a 5-year Bachelor of Theology course, and now preaching the Gospel in 12 countries (Middle East and Asia). Of these, teaching is now increasing in many countries in the wider region. The school has become a powerful and effective tool, not only for training prospective evangelists, but as a mission of evangelistic outreach. Students are trained in the practical aspects of evangelism within their labor camps, and as a result many have come to Christ. As students talk to their labor camp comrades about the school and Jesus, those who listen often develop an interest to attend the classes and many have come to Christ and developed an interest to become ministers. It is the goal of the school to develop leaders who can fulfill the call of "the Great Commission" across the Middle East, and Indian subcontinent, and elsewhere as the Lord calls the graduates.


&These are times that call for courage and conviction. The world is in the grips of unbelief, sectarianism, immorality and secularism. The church is being attacked from within and without by liberalism, radicalism, and worldliness. Jesus said to pray for laborers (Matt. 9:38). We are praying for faithful men who will prepare themselves to better serve the Lord as preachers and teachers. We want to help you and others to be more effective workers in the kingdom of Christ.


So we at DSP (Dubai School of Preaching & Missions) educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. At the DSP we have very strong convictions regarding the truth. They are firmly rooted in the inspired and eternal word of God. While the Bible itself is the only complete "statement of belief" to which anyone should cling, the following statements will highlight some of the fundamental principles that we at DSP are committed to teach, uphold, and defend.


Our commitment is to continue to teach, uphold and defend these and all other biblical truths.


If you would like to attend DSP to prepare yourself for spend some time with our students to teach, please contact us. Or, if you would like to become a partner with us through a one-time donation or monthly financial support, please let us know. Above all, pray that DSP will continue to be a place “where the old paths are still new.”


As a Director, I can assure you that your decision to involve supporting DSP will be a wise choice. Please look our website and you will be amaze to see the importance of the Existing Dubai School of Preaching why so Precious thing.


With kindest personal regards, I am.

Yours in Jesus Christ,



Philip Ganta

Director & Evangelist