Greatest India Evangelism Seminars since 2010

(Putrela, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, South India)



India Population: according to 2014 survey current Population of India in 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion) Andhra Pradesh: According 2014 surveys total Andhra Pradesh population is 84,665,533. In 2014 after the State of Andhra Pradesh was divided into 2 parts the other part is called as Telangana State. Andhra Pradesh state as divided with 13districts and Telengana state divided with 9 districts.


Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India, situated on the country's southeastern coast. The state is the eighth largest state in India covering an area of 160,205 kms (61,855 sq mi). According to 2014 census, the state is tenth largest by population with 49,386,799 inhabitants. The state borders Telangana in the northwest, Chhattisgarh in the North, Odisha in the northeast, Karnataka in the west, Tamil Nadu in the south and the water body of Bay of Bengal in the east. A small enclave of 30 kms (12 sq mi) of Yanam, a district of Pondicherry, lies in the Godavari delta to the northeast of the state.


Putrela, Krishna District: Putrela is the native place of Philip Ganta. He was born and grew up here in wonderful Christian family. Putrela is one of the Villages in Andhra Pradesh. And it is very close to the border of the New state of Telangana.


How the Evangelism seminars bean start: Even though Philip Ganta lives in the Middle East as missionary since 2000, he has been visiting India often to take care of the ministries that he established. There are hundreds of villages in which people doesn't know about Christ. So, we prayed and discussed with our elders about to starting evangelism seminars in Putrela in 2010. God answered our prayers and we begin to start evangelism seminars in Putrela since 2010. We successfully completed FIVE Greatest seminars and 1,050 people baptized into Christ through these seminars.


Really these Indian Evangelism seminars help lot to bring more souls and able to train and advise many preachers and elders. “Preach the Gospel to every creature” is a charge current in every generation until the end of time. Admittedly, reaching every soul with the message of salvation is challenging, considering the world’s population of over six billion could double by the year 2040! Coupled with the fact that about a hundred precious souls are dying every minute, the problem the Lord’s people face in reaching a world rapidly rushing into eternity is obvious. However, since God desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, we must believe He has given His people the power and potential to solve the problem of reaching every soul with the truth.


The primary thrust of the Evangelism seminar is:


1.To establish in viewers of all ages a strong belief in the existence of God through a heavy concentration of Christian evidences


2.To establish in viewers the conviction that God has revealed Himself and His will to man through the Bible.


3. To encourage the proper response to God’s Word—obedience to the plan of salvation and adherence to the New Testament pattern of worship, work, and Christian living.


4. In many places brethren are threatened by false teaching. A saturation of sound Bible teaching through these seminars may help strengthen them to withstand error and to stand for the truth. In areas where the church is practically nonexistent and brethren are striving to grow in the faith, We can say strongly that these Evangelism seminars strengthen and edify thousands of these Christians and assist them in their evangelistic efforts.


I am very humble to say trough these seminars the Lord is able to brought 1,050 souls into His kingdom and many new Churches being established and qualified Elders being appointed as well. I can say surely there is much lake of leadership in the Churches of Christ in India especially in our state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state as well. This is main reason that Churches not being grow lack of leadership. So, we seriously focused on souls winning and preparing qualified leaders to take care of the Churches to developing their congregations be A SELF SUPPORTED. We are in that process and we successfully completing our target through seminars with the great inspiration of the Spirit.


I am very proud of our Elders at India and their commitment to make success these seminars. They always feel that they are responsible for this seminar I mean they have to be model to others. In this process our Churches in India is able to raise 20% funds and Dubai Church & Dubai School of Preaching raises 15% for all the seminars. and rest of the 65% being help by our Churches and our individual brothers and Sisters in the States.


India Churches feel it is their work I mean it is their responsibility to give. This is the model we have been establishing in the hearts of the preachers and Elders. and we are looking great feedback and improvement.


Most Sincerely Yours

Elders, Putrela Church of Christ & Putrela School of Preaching & Missions