(Jesus Christ)


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Anuroop Ganta(Youth Minister)

Dubai Church of Christ, UAE


Anuroop Ganta is the only son of Philip Ganta. Anu was born in May, 1996 in Kakinada Andhra Pradesh. From Childhood Anu was growing in spiritual life and following his father’s footsteps and excited to become a powerful evangelist like his Dad Philip Ganta.


Anu was baptized into Christ on January 6, 2011 by Bro. John Cooper from Grand Junction Colorado. Anu has been successfully completed his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at Amity University in Dubai.


Apart from this, Anu completed his 2 year Bible Diploma Degree from Dubai School of Preaching & Missions in 2014 and took graduation. Anu is a brilliant guy and blessed with many talents in the Lord’s work. He is very good singer, good translator, good bible teacher and good labor. Anu travelled many countries with his Dad Philip in his mission trips. So, Anu is learning many things from his Dad about missionary life to serve future as a missionary.


with all these abilities, Dubai Church of Christ elders appointed Anu as a youth Minister of the local Church to be a good example to youth and to lead them in God’s ways. Anu truly believes that the gospel is God’s power to save (Romans 1:16). He is dedicated to spreading God’s word.


Important of the Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people, and the sharing of the unique gifts of young people with the larger community. Three Goals of Youth Ministry. To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.


Our Goals of Youth Ministry


• To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

• To draw out young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.

• To foster the total personal spiritual growth of each young person.


Few Components of Youth Ministry




As a Church, we need to stand up for youth, especially those who are voiceless and powerless in our society. We are challenged to use our resources to build a society more respectful of the life, dignity and rights of adolescents and their families.


Community Life


No one in the church can stand alone, each person is called to connect her or his life to the Body of Christ. Community life works to build an environment of love, support and mutual encouragement. It is the role of youth ministry to call young people to their rightful place as full members of the community.




“Evangelization means bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into every human situation.” Young people must be invited to live as disciples.


Justice and Peace


Our faith calls us to work for justice: to serve those in need; to pursue peace; and defend life, dignity, and rights of all our sisters and brothers. This is the call of Jesus, the urging of the Spirit, the challenge of the prophets, and the living tradition of the Church.


Leadership Development


Every person is graced with certain gifts and talents. It is the role of youth ministry to help young people gain the skills to make the most of their God-given gifts for the service of the human community.


The youth group at the Dubai Church of Christ Church of Christ strives daily to allow God to mold us into selfless Christians. We look only to God, for He gives us the strength and ability to serve Him and others. It is the goal of our youth ministry to take students to a higher level of faith, beyond the issues of teen life, and plant ourselves beside the cross of Christ daily.


Youth Activities


Each Wednesday night our youth gather to lift up our hearts to God. This worship service is conducted by our young men and is one of our strongest activities. We are able to let go of the problems in youth and focus on praising God. This activity is special because it allows us to reach out to many teenagers that are looking to praise God with us. The Youth Praise Night also teaches us how to worship God, and how to lead in a worship setting.