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The Putrela School of Preaching & Missions, Andhra Pradesh, South India


Hello every one Welcome to Putrela School of Preaching & Missions, India


Even thou I am living in UAE and working as missionary, I have been traveling India constantly and visiting many places In Andhra Pradesh especially in rural & tribal areas. And I saw with my own eyes for the necessity of the Gospel Preaching as well as preparing young men for Evangelism. It amazes me that, there are thousands of villages people doesn’t know about Christ and even people don’t see the Bible. It makes me surprise and I feel shame as well. Then I was discussed this with our Local elders in India and we decided to begin a School of Preaching in our District in Andhra Pradesh.


There is great harvest, but there are no so many servants to do that. But, in some areas I saw there are few preachers who are working without any kind of knowledge in Bible. What I understood, preachers having great desire to preach the Gospel, but they don’t have any kind of basic training to stand strongly to preach the word of God. And they are living alone and bearing many burdens for the lord. I was discussed about this great need of starting a School of Preaching in our state with my brethren in the states. They are highly responded and considered to support School of Preaching. By the God’s grace we are able to begin a School of Preaching in the year of 2013 at Putrela, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, and South India.


We have 21 students currently learning the word of God for 3 year Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.). I have brought the Dubai school of preaching curriculum to teach at the School of Preaching in India. We are blessed to have 4 dynamic faculty. Our faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds. All of our faculty have spent time in local Church ministry and therefore are able to share their wealth of knowledge. Students will be treated not only to textbook knowledge, but also relevant, practical, knowledge to help them make an impact in their ministry and life. We are fortunate to have a diverse staff. Our staff and faculty are here to serve you in your quest to become armed soldiers in God's kingdom.


Apart of the School of Preaching in Putrela, we have been supporting nearly 60 preachers working in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in our ministry. They do good work; leading many to the truth under the most basic and challenging of circumstances. Nevertheless, they struggle on with evangelism, an orphanage of 30 children now operating in Kovvada under the eldership of the church there, a widow support ministry in Putrela and Kovvada as well, and considerable benevolence as can be provided all being a light to the lost.


Especially I have been receiving many encouragement e-mails and letters from the preachers from India, those who have been attending for the School of Preaching classes in Putrela. And they have been telling me, it is their privilege to having such a great School to learn many things about Evangelism.


Out Reach Ministries


Lord opened many ways to assist to distribute the Bibles in to the hands of the people those who don’t see the Bible. God raised many brethren through Oasis to support Bibles for India. We have started free Bibles distribution since 2007 and we distributed nearly 15,000 Bibles. And we are preparing to distribute more Bibles in coming years. And also we are providing Bicycles to the preachers those who needed for Gospel preaching at Rural and Tribal areas where the vehicles cannot able to go. So we at PSP (Putrela School of Preaching & Missions) educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. At the PSP we have very strong convictions regarding the truth. They are firmly rooted in the inspired and eternal word of God. While the Bible itself is the only complete "statement of belief" to which anyone should cling, the following statements will highlight some of the fundamental principles that we at PSP are committed to teach, uphold, and defend.


If you would like to attend PSP to prepare yourself for spend some time with our students to teach, please contact us. Or, if you would like to become a partner with us through a one-time donation or monthly financial support, please let us know. Above all, pray that PSP will continue to be a place “where the old paths are still new.”


As a Director, I can assure you that your decision to involve supporting PSP will be a wise choice. Please look our website and you will be amaze to see the importance of the Existing Putrela School of Preaching why so Precious thing.


With kindest personal regards, I am.

Yours in Jesus Christ,



Philip Ganta

Director & Evangelist